The Brand Advocate Primer - Promote, Empower & Engage on Skillshare - [2hrs 52minutes]

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for nearly five years of my life i was working together with brands to help them amplify their products, events and services using social media. this is a primer of how as an advocate 'ontheground' i went about working together with a remote team making social content that they could use as part of their strategy.

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i'm working on much more clearer courses for you to follow, this was one of my first courses and i learned a lot from making it. the newer courses are better quality and i'm excited to share them with you here on skillshare.

in this course i will try and help you . ...

  • Understand your role as a brand advocate before, during and after an event
  • Utilize a number of methods and approaches about performing the role of a brand advocate
  • be ready to rock an event, conference or product at an advocate
  • open a dialog or conversation at an event with the right toolset
  • utilize new methods of working in the cloud
  • revisit your current time management and apply new methods
  • feel empowered to offer your talents to brands and digital agencies
  • get noticed by companies looking for brand advocates

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