Oehoe! Biggest owl breed in Europe builds a nest with 3 chicks on a balcony in Gent

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Hi There.....Do you like owls?

I think they are the cutest bird kind..... And some of them are really gorgeous 😊

But my good friend @brittandjosie told me about something really amazing that happened in Gent, Belgium..... In a window box of the apartment of Jos..... in the middle of the center of Gent, there is an Oehoe family that's been living there for a few weeks now..... Isn't that wonderful and something to be jealous of..... I wish they would have moved in over here on my balcony 😁

Picture from HLN

Seems that people spotted the owl in December already in the neighborhood. But who knew the owl would lay its eggs in Jos's window box 🙃

In Belgium, they usually can be found in quarries and in the Ardennes..... So you can imagine the surprise when this kind of bird turns up in the middle of a city 😄

763 8.jpg
Picture from HLN

The Oehoe is actually a very rare species that was extinct in Belgium until the last century..... Did you know it has a wingspan of almost 2 meters..... You can imagine how spectacular it can be when the mom spreads her wings on the small balcony to go on the hunt for food 😲

763 9.jpg
Picture from HLN

She sleeps all day and in the early evening, she disappears to find prey like mice or pigeons..... I might be a bit too faint-hearted to watch that I suppose..... But those little birdies have to eat off course 😍

Here is a video too of these wonderful creatures

Quite an amazing story..... Isn't it 😀

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Yeahhh yes that the family, hoe cool and such a great blog. I wasnt getting to gina notofications yet and only answered the first comment about them, so sorry

Arent they the cuttest! So great , i wish i had that on my balcony.
I send you an link to a youtube video maybe edit it in to this blog, and why dont you enter the @amazingnature contest with it i am sure @adalger won’t mind

I think they have to be pictures of your own to enter the contest - but tx so much for the tip :)

That is amazing! Wow! He can sell the apartment for a lot more, now! That is a priceless feature! 🤗

Indeed apartment for sale with special nest feature :)

Bloody cute!
I think babies of most species look adorable and these guys are no exception!
Thanks for sharing!

They are just like a small ball of furr :)

Wow! The owls are really very cute! Thanks for the post!

Thank Britt she gave me the tip :)

Thank you @brittandjosie !
She is everywhere!! Hahaha!

maybe it was her clone haha :D

I think the owl are looking for an exceptional place to call home. The fact that it's a rare species speaks volume about it's choice. I have not heard about the oehoe species, but I believe they little ones look so cute. I wish I could have them near my window to watch them everyday. Interesting nature story @seadbeady

I suppose many of us would welcome them near our windows :)