New Digital Portrait || Used so many colors || Smoking is still harmful for your health and not stylish at all

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I just finished a new digital portrait and this is my favorite so far. I just love how this one turned out. There is so many colors and they all are blended so nicely.
I think i finally figured out how to paint portraits with so many colors. I just simply took an extra layer and then painted all those colors with a hard brush and then blurred the entire layer. Then took another layer as the main layer for shading.
I know there is a cigarette in her mouth but that is just for the art. Smoking is still not cool and can harm your health. So try to stay away from that.

Used Reference Image for structure and style.

Here are some process screenshots and description:
At first the sketching was a little too hard, i had to use the transform tool so many times that it almost became so exhausting.
Once the sketching was done i was kind of relieved. And then the coloring part was so much fun. Only because there were so many colors to paint with.
I think i did really good with the hair. I had no idea that that's how the hair was going to turn out. But i loved how it did.
Screenshot 1463.png

Screenshot 1464.png

Screenshot 1465.png

Screenshot 1466.png

Screenshot 1467.png

Screenshot 1468.png

Screenshot 1469.png

Screenshot 1470.png

Screenshot 1471.png

Screenshot 1472.png

Screenshot 1473.png

Screenshot 1474.png

Screenshot 1475.png

Screenshot 1476.png

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Very nice 👌😊

thank you so much

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thank you so much.....

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