U-joint frustrations... Make me wanna Smoke a Joint!!

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Now that my new front axle is in, trying to find the right u-joint for the front driveline is becoming quite the PITA!!!


My truck started out as a 2 wheel drive, then a company turned it into a 4 wheel drive. So to say this truck has a stock front driveline would be guessing. Now that I have installed a front axle from a 2005 in my truck things got a little more complicated


Some U-joints are held in place by snap rings. The end caps can be removed and they are basically pressed into they position. Then a snap ring is installed in the housing. Then there are others held by bolt-on straps. Simply place the u-joint in the cradle, place the strap over the end caps and tighten them to torque. Easy!!


The front driveline from the 2005 is too long to just be out in this truck... and the u-joint from the 1997 front driveline is too small in diameter to fit the 2005 axle yoke. The new u-joint I have fits the axle side perfect, but is too long for the driveline side!!! (A buddy accidentally had me order the wrong one) Dang I am going in circles!! Using this chart I thought would help but.... I think I just confused myself more.


I know one side is a 1350 and my buddy tells me to get the other side a 1310... well that makes the length waaay too small. I am leaning towards buying a 1350 on all sides and see what happens... I hate just throwing money at it but dang!! Maybe I can take the driveline to a repair shop and they can get a better measurement than I can.

The beast is so close to being done and I am getting really excited!! I have had a few issues but that comes with the territory. I had to order taller shocks and the springs from the parts truck were too soft. They were only rated at 5,200 pounds and they didn’t like my 1,100 pound engine on them. So my son and I had to install 6,500 lb springs.... well I am not going to go into all of it but I did want to express my u-joint frustrations... The Struggle is Real when installing a 2005 front axle in a 1997 (from the factory) 2 wheel drive. Sometimes I wonder why I do stuff like this...


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  ·  18 days ago (edited)

As frustrating as that is, it does look like a lot of fun pulling things apart. I’ve been there though man, I hate ordering the wrong parts. Having it with you it’s almost like well, can I McGuyver(spelling?) this thing to fit? Let’s see if I can lol!

Best of luck, that does seem a little confusing. Especially with those snap rings that aren’t rings at all lol they are like snap LEGO.

I would add a diy tag to this so the DIY groups discover this one!

Add the fact that I am trying to hurry so I can load up the camp trailer and go camping doesn't help either. Lol.

The wrong u-joint was an honest mistake. That was the one used for the rear axle but I chose to change out the yoke plate.

I forgot to add the DIY tag... how dare I do such a thing!!!


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The real question is: did you smoke a joint?

That is a big negative. No can do in my line of work. I honestly think I smoked enough in my younger days to hold me over until I retire. Lol


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