5 Genius Home Improvement Projects You Can Try To Spice Up Your Home

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The idea of home improvement was born out of the need to improve and decorate your homes, by fixing, repairing, and upgrading features in and around the house. Usually, it is done by handymen, professional contractors, or even the house owner. It's one thing to live in a serene, safe, and spacious home, and it's totally another thing to improve the effectiveness and make it more functional or aesthetically appealing and welcoming. Home improvement is crucial considering the fact that real estate's value appreciates more when the property is adequately maintained.

Indeed the world of DIY (do it yourself) is sincerely limitless. Ranging from Customized furniture, handmade flowerpots, fancy wall hangings, upcycled vintage tchotchkes. Literally, the idea is to save money while showcasing your creativity and uniqueness - of course, the outcome can be pretty sensational, most notably with the understanding that you made something marvelous with your own bare hands.

With the help of DIY content creators on Hive and our Condenser ranging from contractors, Flippers, and interior designers, we've lumped together with the best home improvement articles you can try at your leisure in an attempt to spice up your house.

Without further ado, check out these 5 genius home improvement ideas for a gorgeous home.

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A Beautiful Transformation: From Empty Mask Box and Adhesive Wallpaper Lining to A Useful Organizer

Published by: @sarimanok

Do you have small equipment that you don't understand where to put? Check out this post where @sarimanok showed how to make a useful organizer from an empty mask box and adhesive wallpaper lining. It's a beautiful transformation that you might want to check out.

Link to original article ==> https://www.build-it.io/hive-141359/@sarimanok/a-beautiful-transformation-from-empty-mask-box-and-adhesive-wallpaper-lining-to-a-useful-organizer

Words = 455 Reading time = 1min 39secs

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DIY hanging family portraits, done!

Published by: @robmojo

Are you looking for a nice theme for hanging your family portraits on the wall? You might want to check out this post then where the author showed a nice organization of hanging family portraits and the total thing is DIY.

Link to original article ==> https://www.build-it.io/hive-127719/@robmojo/diy-hanging-family-portraits-done

Words = 101 Reading time = 23secs

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DIY: Cute Cardboard Corner Corner Unit

Published by: @evelin71

Well, who doesn't like to decorate their house, especially the corners? From this post, you'll learn how to make a nice corner unit out of cardboard at a low cost and you may use them to fill the blank corners with nice showpieces.

Link to original article ==> https://www.build-it.io/hive-130560/@evelin71/esp-eng-diy-linda-esquinera-hecha-con-carton--diy-cute-cardboard-corner-corner-unit

Words = 276 Reading time = 1min 0secs

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Making a door hanger to to with the flowers a a present


Published by: @brittandjosie

You might want to let your family members know you're busy on the other side of the door and you want to make a nice door hanger that will surprise other members. And I suggest you look at this post to get a nice idea about that.

Link to original article ==> https://www.build-it.io/hive-129017/@brittandjosie/making-a-door-hanger-to-to-with-the-flowers-a-a-present

Words = 215 Reading time = 47secs

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We Turned a 40 Year Old Camp Cooker into a Brand New Spirit Stove

Published by: @riverflows

You might have something special which is old enough and you don't want to throw it away but at the same time, you don't need to keep it anymore. In that case, you may check out this post to know how the author turned a 40-year-old camp cooker into a brand new spirit stove. And you might find some idea from this to work on your old parts.

Link to original article ==> https://www.build-it.io/hive-150329/@riverflows/we-turned-a-40-year-old-camp-cooker-into-a-brand-new-spirit-stove

Words = 548 Reading time = 2mins 7secs

I suggest you visit the selected posts and show them some appreciation for their nice works. And keep publishing Home Improvement Projects like the ones above to get highlighted in our next compilation post.

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Thanks for the mention. Nice projects too. I will dig on them later. And yes, recycling is a good thing instead of buying a new one. You can use your money in addition to your kitchen stuffs.

I love the home diy but I am not that good in the bigger projects Ofcourse I will always look if there is some TT Agt I can do and make a blog about it

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