Hidden Rainbow Cake ๐ŸŒˆ Except this time with instructions...

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About a year ago my aunt and I baked this delicious cake spontaneously. I posted the step-by-step photos, but they had no recipe or instructions with them. I finally decided it was time to tell you guys, not just in pictures but in words, on how this creation was made.



  • Chocolate and Vanilla Cake batter (can be homemade or boxed mix)

  • Vanilla Icing

  • Food Coloring

  • Rainbow Sprinkles (Optional)


  • 2 Mixing Bowls

  • 10 Normal Bowls

  • 5 Spoons

  • 5 Forks

  • Bunt Cake Pan

  • Piping Bags


Step One

Using the two mixing bowls prepare a chocolate cake mix as well as a vanilla cake mix. The chocolate mix is going to be used as the outside of the cake while the vanilla mix will be dyed the colors of the rainbow.

We personally decided to use boxed cake mixes to save time but feel free to use a homemade cake mix and share the recipe in the comments below for the next baking project we do!



Step Two

Set aside your chocolate cake mix and grab 5 of your normal everyday use bowls as well as the five spoons. EQUALLY separate your vanilla cake mix into each bowl.

After you have an even distribution of mix between bowls, dye each bowl of mix into a different color of your choosing. The colors you choose will be the colors of your rainbow. Your rainbow can be as creative as you like! Science can't dictate the color order of the rainbow in your imagination. (Yeah, that was cheesy but I'm going to leave it in...)



Step Three

Grab your pan and pour some of the chocolate cake batter at the bottom. Keep in mind this will be the top of your cake. After you have a good base take whichever color of the vanilla cake batter you choose to be the first in your rainbow, we chose red, and pour it into the middle of your chocolate batter. MAKE SURE that you leave a good amount of chocolate surrounding your colored mix to make sure the rainbow is hidden once its baked.

After your first color is down the rest are easy, simply pour your next color over the first until all your colors have been layered. Once you have finished layering pour the remaining chocolate cake mix into the pan ensuring no more color can be seen.

TIP: In between colors pour some chocolate mix on the sides to ensure your colors don't leak into the walls or side of the cake so they stay hidden







Step Four

Put your cake into the oven!

Step Five

Icing time! Just like we did with the vanilla cake mix take the other five bowls and the five forks and evenly distribute your icing into each bowl. Now dye away! Personally, we used the same colors that we used for the rainbow, but you can go as crazy as you'd like.



Step Six

Once your icing is dyed and your cake is out of the oven and cooled it is time to decorate.

TIP: If you do not have piping bags at home use a sandwich bag and cut the corner off

Sprinkles added for flare, not necessarily required but HIGHLY recommended.



What can I say, a masterpiece am I right? At least on the outside... time to check the inside.





Psh, a masterpiece on the inside too, why would anyone assume less?




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