Seagull Asya was invited to be a commercial star again

in #birds9 days ago

Asya did a great job last time. You can see two commercials with her below. I want to say that this is not the usual life of our animals. But sometimes they are invited to television or movies. I always accompany them and make sure they feel comfortable. Any rough exploitation is completely impossible! I do not allow touching them or doing any action that might frighten them.




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Another star in the aviary? I hope there isn't any rivalry or professional jealousy between Asya and Stork Beak.

Fortunately, they are both quite modest:)

Hello dear friends @ animal-shelter good day
What a joy to know that these birds are famous known in the cinema. Congratulations
I really appreciate that you let us know this information
have a wonderful day and a happy start to the weekend

Thank you!