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This is a weekly contest. An opportunity not only for Steem/Build-It community but for all the communities of Steem based platforms and/or Steem Engine tribes to be more active on

The purpose of this contest is to engage more and more Steemians in positive activities by providing them reasonable opportunities to earn Steeem and BUILD tokens as upvotes and rewards.

This way, they will play their part to support, empower and strengthen the blockchain with their hard work, as well.

See RULES & REWARDS sections for the details of Upvotes and Rewards.

BUILD-IT's Philosophy:

#Build-it is a community, born out of the need to empower and strengthen DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, How-to tutorials and life hacks.

Among many others, Build-It was set up as a means to encourage and reward high-quality DIY Projects and How-to Tutorials.

A DIY Platform to Find & Share Life Hacks


Write a post or make a video in the following categories:

  1. DIY Project: This must be your own original project.
  2. How-to Tutorial: This is about what you are good at and others can learn a thing or two form you.


NOTE: Videos can be posted on Dtube/3Speak, but don't forget to use the recommended tags, also write a brief description and explanation of your project or tutorial.


  1. Refer this contest in your post/entry.
  2. For the written posts, don't forget to include picture/s in the post as you explain the procedure.
  3. Use #build-contest, #build-it, #diy #how-to #posh as the first five tags.
  4. Use Build-It for posting.
  5. Share the proof of your sharing on Twitter (posh) in the comment section of the CONTEST post.
  6. Don't forget to mention @BuildIt_DIY in your tweets.
  7. Submit your entries and posh, not later than 11:59 p.m. 29th January 2020 (GMT).


  1. Every participants will receive an upvote from @build-it.curator.
  2. First, Second & Third number winners will get 1000, 500 & 250 Liquid BUILD tokens respectively from @build-it. These tokens are other than the upvotes.

@diverse and @waleedtee will be the judges of this contest.

This project is run and supported by our witness If you like what we do, click here to vote for us

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Another cool contest from build-it. great

I would really like to participate in this but I don't understand Rule #5??.. Share the proof of sharing?? I honestly don't use twitter for anything but info for airdrops so I don't know what you mean by (posh)?? Do I have to do the twitter stuff to participate?

Greetings @moderndayhippie!

You can follow these steps.

  1. Create a post in response to this contest.
  2. Share the link of your post on twitter (Tweet it with a description about your post, why you created it and also mention @BuildIt_DIY in the tweet. Use the mentioned tags in the tweet as well)
  3. Share the link of your post & the address of your tweet here in this contest post.

Here is an example...

Comment would look like this...

He just have included his twitter address and not post link, you have to share your post link as well.

Hopefully, this will help you out, if not, you can ask for further clarification.

Thanks. Have a nice day & Good Luck.

That did help, thanks! 😁 Now hopefully i have time to finish this diy post before the deadline, it was a big project!

In that case, try to participate @build-it's other running contest in collaboration with, that has more mouth watering rewards from both the tribes in tribe tokens and in Steem as well...

[EXTENDED] Build-it X Neoxag tribe CONTEST | New Year Bonanza!

Last date of above mentioned contest is 4th of February or you can participate in @build-it later weekly contests.

Wish you GOOD LUCK & a nice day.

I finished this post just in time to enter this contest! Here is my entry :0)

Heres my tweet for the contest

when is this contest going to be judged?

When is this contest being closed as the original and extended deadline have been and gone.