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What is DIY

They are all manual activities that are performed by a person who are not professionals and do not seek professional service, if not you do it yourself, these activities are as: captaincy, masonry, electricity, plumbing, crafts.

This new platform has come to make a door for those people who want to share, learn, talk about these types of topics that someone does not need to do something they can do for themselves, or exchange tips that can help many in the day In the morning, in turn doing this you will gain new friends where you can exchange information apart from generating extra money for the votes in favor that you will get to share your advice, tips, elaborations among others.

Days ago on the Discord platform I was invited to participate in a contest,


I was reading it, look what I could share with you? On that same day my cousin was in my house, she is a teacher of an elementary school, she has two students with Down syndrome in her classroom, she told me at that time that she wanted to do some educational games for her students, especially these children so that it has a tool to play and learn, but one of the difficulties that the Venezuelan is going through is the inflation that is consuming our pocket making it only have to eat or sometimes or to eat, this makes so many parents as a teacher do not have the money to buy didactic games. This made us investigate her and me, what we could do to create some educational games without having a lot of expenses.

We search the net and find this wonderful box of educational games easy to make and economical that does not generate many expenses, but at a need monetary resources to buy the paint and paste. Well, my cousin mentioned this contest, I told him that whatever I generate through this contest is because of the votes or because I win the prize it will be to buy the materials, make these games for these children (In the next post when we elaborate these games I will present them in a post with their photographic evidence of their elaboration and delivery to these children to play in the classroom with their classmates).

So ladies and gentlemen, this is my entry for the contest: CONTEST: For First Winner 1K BUILD tokens plus 100% Upvote.

This is the video in the participant then we will create these didactic games that will be donated.


  1. Shoe box
  2. Scissors and cutel.
  3. Eva rubber or other cardboard box.
  4. Painting
  5. Paste.

Steps for elaboration:

Paint the cardboard box with white paint or favorite color (let the paint dry for the next step)



Draw on the end of the top of the box the figures you want to use for the games. cutel cut the box with the shape of the figure.



Draw on the Goma Eva or on another cardboard the same figures you selected, repeat the figure 7 times.


They will stick 6 together one above the other so that they do not give a thickness.

Sin título.png

Then with the same Eva rubber or paper we glue on the edges.


With the remaining figure the box will be decorated.


Note: The images or videos are not their own. The images are screenshots of the videos.

I hope you liked it, we have your support to make these games. Thank you...

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Thanks for taking part in the contest. You'll soon get an upovte from @build-it.curator on your entry. The results will be announced after the poll, that will be conducted by @build-it.

Encourage your followers & friends to be attentive to this poll from @build-it, in order to support you and to get an upvote from @build-it.curator on their voting.

Have a nice day

Well done @celi130, and best regards to your cousin.

Thank you for your support, the contribution will be to buy the materials for educational games. I will prepare a post to test what we do and donate it.

Welcome, you greet my cousin, I am encouraging her to enter this new world of steemit.