Making a new silver bar

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So it has been sometime since i have made a chunky bar and waiting too get 100 grams got the better of me, i started with just over 80 grams of sterling silver and ended up with a 78.4 gram bar.

I did used a tad to much borax in the cricible so i stopped pouring early so i wouldnt have to chip it off the bar and the reason i didnt get a pic of the pouring because it was bloody cold in the shed but i did get one of warming up the ingot mould.


The bar turned out ok but i wanted it a little bit flatter and a more uniformed size, to achieve this i heated up the bar with a blow torch until it glowed a dull red and then quenched it in water as this softens the silver and makes it more workable.


To make the bar a little thinner and longer i put the bar through the rolling mill which squeezes it between two metal rollers, i put the bar through 4 times reducing every time and then annealed the bar and went another 4 times through the rolling mill.


Next step was to choose the stamps i wanted to use and i used an arbour press to make the stamp designs clear.
*Top tip - if you anneal the silver stamping is easier.


The last process was the polish the bar using my new buffing wheel fitted to my mini bench grinder, to get a good shine the wheel requires a polishing compound applying to the wheel and allowing the wheel to get to speed but not to fast and lightly pressing the silver next to the wheel.


Once done i gave the bar a polish with a soft cloth to remove the polishing compound and voila i am done.

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I’ll send you some .999 to pour. Let me know....

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Its l good brother, i only use broken sterling items and wont melt anything that has beauty or still serves a purpose.

So fascinating, you do fantastic work my friend!👍😊
I would someday love to try my hand at this!😊

A good blow torch and a pouring bowl and you can melt silver easy enough.

Very nice! Interesting process; thanks for sharing!👍😁

You make it look so simple @monsterjamgold

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