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Currently, the amounts of garbage or waste generated by man have reached higher levels. Search, or generate ideas that help reduce this, or at least, give life to other ideas from waste, is something great and fully aware of the environment. In addition to this, DIY activities encourage this, so: recycling + DIY = perfect combination.

For my entry into the contest, I chose the following video:

Source: INNOVA Manualidades

It is a video that explains the creation of a versatile ladies purse, a simple DIY creation using a recycled material, in this case: Milk carton.

Materials to use:

  • Scissors.

  • Cardboard, from liquid milk containers (you can use another carton, provided it has the necessary shape and texture).

  • Pieces of cloth.

  • Glue. Whatever is effective and allows you to join the cardboard pieces, in this case hot silicone has been used.

  • Velcro or magic closure.

  • Decorative appliques.


    Source: INNOVA Manualidades


1.- Wash and dry the cardboard container, inside and out. In this way, you eliminate possible residues and odors from milk.

2.- Cut the edges.On both sides (Up and down).


Source: INNOVA Manualidades

3.- Fold the side area inwards. Remember to set the folds and shape correctly. However, I indicate that this is one of them, a purse can have different forms, everything is depending on which form you choose.

carton pliegue.JPG

Source: INNOVA Manualidades


Source: INNOVA Manualidades

3.- Now take the cloth, place on it, the cardboard already cut. and go drawing the lines to cover said cardboard. Remember to leave space between 1, 5 cm or 2 cm. The space left over in the fabric, is so you can finish off the piece well when lining.

4.- With the glue, line with cloth and glue each of the cardboard pieces. Try not to loose the fabric you place.


Source: INNOVA Manualidades


Source: INNOVA Manualidades

5.- Make some small cuts with the scissors, in the area where the pieces are joined and folded, this to give mobility.


Source: INNOVA Manualidades

6.- Then the pieces that will go inward are folded and fixed well with silicon. Securing the cloth


Source: INNOVA Manualidades

7.- In this step you fold the purse. Leaving space for the lid; and you fix or hold the folds well, with silicon.


Source: INNOVA Manualidades

8.- Fold the lid and place velcro or magic closure, adding the piece with glue. This is done with the intention that when closing the wallet, it remains subject and maintaining its contents.


Source: INNOVA Manualidades


Source: INNOVA Manualidades

9.- Place the decorative sconces. These are according to the preference of each person.


Source: INNOVA Manualidades

In particular, I think this DIY activity is interesting. It is a useful object for ladies, and can be done in an artisanal way without having a high degree of experience in material handling. I have developed mine, following the steps I described; I could not record a video at that time (It was more than a year ago). However, the video that I attached was the one I took as support to elaborate it.

Note: The video is not my own, nor the images.

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That's an excellent idea, and well thought out...

Thank you for your visit and time @Gales . And yes, it is a great idea, it is also functional to become a gift.

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