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Build-it is a community, born out of the need to empower and strengthen DIY (do it yourself) projects, How-to tutorials, and life hacks. Among many others, was set up as a means to encourage and reward high-quality DIY and How-to projects.

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" I made this lamp because a few days I often experienced the lights dead. Traditional lamps. The oil from traditional / emergency lights comes from diesel fuel."

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Old Phone Motorola V3 Razr Flashing Done


Indonesian English
Semalam saya menemukan sebuah handphone jadul Motorola V3 didalam laci pas lagi bersih-bersih. Setelah saya hidupkan dengan power suplai ternyata masih hidup namun ada kode kuncinya sehingga tidak bisa digunakan. Last night I found an old school Motorola V3 in a drawer when I was cleaning. After I turned it on with the power supply it was still alive but there was a key code so it couldn't be used.

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LET'S MAKE BUTTERFLIES {Polish Translation}


Polish English
Do Wiosny, Maja, Bzów i Motyli musimy jeszcze trochę zaczekać. Ale co stoi na przeszkodzie, żeby samemu zrobić sobie Motyle? Właśnie! Zrób to! Zrób sobie motyle. Zaraz Wam się weselej i bardziej kolorowo wokół zrobi. Tak to działa. We still have to wait a while until Spring, May, Lilac and Butterfly. But what prevents you from making Butterflies yourself? Just! Do it! Make yourself butterflies. It will make you happier and more colorful around you. That's how it works.

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