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This is a daily newsletter from the stables of where we feature at least 3-5 high standard DIY and How-to projects/posts. Each of the featured authors will receive an upvote form @build-it (official account) to uplift their creative spirit and ultimately add value to the Hive ecosystem.

Build-it is a community-driven project, born out of the need to empower and strengthen DIY (do it yourself) projects, How-to tutorials, and life hacks. Among many others, was set up as a means to encourage and reward high-quality DIY and How-to projects.

The Daily Build's

Plush notebook, motif: Panda Bear 🐼. Step by Step

Author: @angelys


"This time I bring you a very fun craft, it is a notebook lined in the shape of a panda, it looks nice and it is easy to do, you will love it, since it is a nice idea to cover our children's notebooks."

Words = 170 reading time = 38secs

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3D Mosquito Aviation XE Helicopter Made in Blender 3d



"HELLO, everyone here I come back with another 3d helicopter model made in blender , so this helicopter is a type of mosquito XE with 2 seats inside , so some of that helicopter in real life has top speed of 129 km/h and length of 4.9 m"

Words = 101 reading time = 23secs

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Floating Shelf 🌟 Diy Step by Step 🌟 Recycling and Decorating



"I invite you to take advantage of what you have at home to create with your own hands simple practical ornaments and with a touch of elegance that will surely beautify your spaces at home."

Words = 262 reading time = 58ecs

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Banana cookies with cocoa powder



"Today I share a recipe for banana cookies with cocoa powder. In Venezuela we call this fruit cambur, and there are several types, such as guineo, apple and titiaro. The more mature the cambur, then much better for this recipe and in general, for all desserts that include this sweet fruit."

Words = 534, reading time = 1min 56secs

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Making my bunny comfortable so I make a new house for them


"I have started this hutch for weeks now and I have finally finished it just to make my bunny more comfortable."

Words = 85 reading time = 19secs

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