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Guess what guys! I finally discovered a new way of making money without stress. It is easy, fast, simple and reliable. It is called DIY- Do It Yourself, an online platform where people teach you how to make basic appliances like soaps, doughnuts, creams, bags, air fresheners, and many more after which you can make and sell to people around you.

That's not all; once you are a member of this platform, you have the opportunity of marketing whatever you want with the assurance of potential buyers.

You only need to log on to Build-it.ioand start your journey on how to make some cool cash for yourself.
Thank me later!

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Thanks for the support!

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Thank you for the reminder! I recall something about a DIY community set-up back when the tribes came along and totally forgot about it..

Was going to use the Narritive Platform for coding exercises.. Wondering if you allow progress on coding projects?

Thanks for the feedback and yes we do! Don't forget to post your coding projects via our condenser https://www.build-it.io/created/, you're also welcome to our discord community https://discord.gg/KgMT5n