Announcing The Winners Of Our Weekly Contest!!!

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As more and more people turn their idleness into something creative and unique, then it's safe to say the DIY (do it yourself) platform will disrupt the way people get things done.

Among others, one of the many benefits of doing things yourself is self-satisfaction we derive from it. We also become responsible for the outcome of that cause, this way we come self-reliant in almost all ramifications.

Most of the HIVE users have beautiful minds and thinking, they turn this thinking into creativity. They are examples for others to do something constructive at each and every step of life.

Participants of #build-contest are a few of them.

We'd encourage you to go through these posts, like us, you'd love them too. More importantly, they deserve our appreciation and support for & in their endeavors.

  1. Making a nice necklace with recycled wood by @shirahoshi

  2. Build-It Weekly Contest: Heart Shaped Gift Box-Tutorial by @giocondina

  3. Build-It weekly contest: Decorative painting made with CD-Tutorial by @mariela53

  4. How to make a Cart with Reusable Materials-Build-It Weekly Contest by @cetb2008


Among these, judges have selected the following as the winners on the basis of skills, how these are explained, and on their creativity:

"Greetings my dear readers! Today I want to present you a piece of jewelry that has cost me a lot to finish since I need about 2 days to polish the details of this beautiful wooden necklace."

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1st winner build.png

"This is my first participation in the contest promoted by @ build-it to create targeted content in the DIY, tutorial or tricks categories that can be used on a daily basis. In my case, I chose to make a heart-shaped gift box, from recycled materials and in this way I will be making a beautiful object and at the same time contributing to the improvement of the environment."

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"Greetings dear community, today I bring you a tutorial on how to make animal figures with elements of nature, taking advantage of the fact that in my house there are different trees so I began to collect different leaves of fern, uvero, mango, mata palo, among others to be able to make a fish and a dog. For this practice, refer to a material that is on the YouTube social network. Here are the steps."

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All rewards have been sent to the winners


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Gracias por el apoyo que le dan a mi trabajo y por elegirme ganadora del segundo premio, felicitaciones a los demás ganadores!

Thank you very much! I feel like a diva (XD hahaha) I almost never win contests so I'm really excited to have been selected as a winner :-D . Also congratulations to @giocondina, @mariela53, @cetb2008, all of them did very good and creative works.

Congratulations friend

Greetings, what a surprise, thank you for evaluating my publication and congratulations to the other winners.