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This is a weekly compendium of the best DIY/How-to tutorials manually selected by our curation team. In this article, we shall be highlighting at least five (5) good DIY/How-to posts from the Hive ecosystem.

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Without any further ado, here are the best DIY/How-to posts for last week


How to Make a Perfume Bottle Organizer || TUTORIAL

Author: @marciabon

"Greetings, dear friends, my project today consists of How to make an organizer in the shape of a perfume bottle, it is a very easy and simple project to do, in addition to being very decorative, so I invite you to join me in this step by step."

Words= 266, reading time = 59secs


How to create a flower with Origami?

Author: @aglaide

"Good morning friend Hive, today I want to show you how to make an origami flower using paper money of the previous denominations here in my country."

Words= 412, reading time = 1min 30secs


How to install lightening arrestor and coax cable termination

Author: @joetunex

"Installing lightening arrestor to telecommunication equipment is a must and very vital, a standard that must be adhere to. In this vlog I share with you how I installed a lightening arrestor to a cell booster installation."

Video duration 06:57


Blacksmithing at home part 4: I forged my own chef's knife

Author: @quochuy

"Once again, I'm using an old rusty file. I started cutting it in half as I didn't need that much since I want a thinner and lighter knife."

Words = 472, reading time = 1min 43secs


Bozzlife: A year of chaos - rebuilding

Author: @bozz

"Covid-19 aside, the past year as been full of challenges for my wife and I. In October of 2019 we woke up to 3 to 4 inches of water in our finished basement. In Spring of 2020 another large rainstorm created a sink hole in our front yard and we had to get a large portion of our driveway dug up."

Words = 720, reading time = 2mins 37secs


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