Build-It Weekly Contest: 20 HIVE'S, 2250 BUILD'S, and 20 BRO Tokens Up For Grabs!

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This is a weekly competition set up by Build-it on the Hive ecosystem. Thanks to @ocd, @blocktrades and @tribesteemup valued support so far, we do not take it for granted hence this contest and many other rewarding initiatives we'll be setting up in the future.

As a community-driven platform, our aim since inception has always been about supporting and rewarding all DIY'ers and How-to tutorial content creators on the Hive ecosystem and the offline world. We believe this contest will boost-strap many to join the DIY bandwagon and ultimately Hive Ecosystem.

Doing things all by yourself does have a feel-good record. The pleasure and self-satisfaction that comes with it are always topnotch. It is our utmost desire to see more people start doing things themselves to save time and money.

Area of focus:

The following are considered as DIY (do it yourself) projects:

Crocheting, crafting, home improvement. Basically, anything you can do with your hands in a step-by-step format. is considered a DIY project/article. If you possess any of these skills please consider participating in this contest.

This Week's contest

How to Participate in the Contest:

  • Write a post or make a video that is relevant to either of the following categories: DIY, How-to or life-hacks.

If you wish, you can follow our recommended template here. Make sure to explain the steps you took briefly, their benefits, and your point of view.


  • Video must not be longer than 15 minutes in duration.

  • Include picture/s in the post as you explain the procedure.

  • Subscribe and submit your entry through our community page

  • Use #build-contest as the first tag.

  • Participants MUST have at least 50 BUILD tokens staked. Our BUILD tokens are available on Hive Engine (NOTE: This rule is not valid for the first time participation).

  • Share the link of your post in the comment section of this post.

  • Reblog the contest post to expand its reach to other users.



  • First Place Winner: 10 Hive, 10 BRO tokens, 1000 BUILD & 100% Upvote from @build-it.

  • Second Place Winner: 5 Hive, 5 BRO tokens 750 BUILD & 100% Upvote from @build-it.

  • Third Place Winner: 5 Hive, 5 BRO tokens, 500 BUILD & 100% Upvote from @build-it

Buy and trade Bro tokens on Hive Engine:

All other participants will receive an upvote from @build-it and other curation projects.

Are we adding value to the HIVE ecosystem? Consider delegating some of your Hive Power to us to continue curating and rewarding DIY (do it yourself) and How-to contents/projects on the Hive Ecosystem.

|20 HP| |100 HP |500 HP| |1,000 HP

Follow our vote curation trial =>

Please subscribe and post from our community page as well as use at least one of our tags ( #build-it) for extra vote support. Click HERE to subscribe and post on our community.

If you'd like to sponsor our weekly contest, please share with us how'd you want to support it in the comment section below. Or private message anonymousman1 #1412 on discord Official Links:


Awesome job man and I can't wait to see what's all going on in the future with everyones creativity

Thanks for all the support Champ!

Great! Thanks for participating and hope you followed the rules.

I think I did but I’m going to look again lol

This is awesome! I’ll definitely be entering this this weekend! Thanks for the contest folks! Keep stacking the BUILD!

Awesome! Hope you followed the rules!

Awesome! Hope you followed the rules!

It will be wonderful to participate

What you waiting for?

I have a questions: Am a new hive blogger and I don't have the enough info about build-tokens! So I don't have them. Could I participate to this competition even though??

For your condition yes, you can participate but thereafter, do your research before purchasing our tokens on Hive Engine!

Thanks a lot 😉

Soy Lelys 🤝 me da mucho gusto participar por vez primera en uno de sus concursos. Deseo para todos muchos éxitos. Por aquí les dejo el link de mi entrada. Muchas gracias.
Soy Lelys 🤝 BIENVENIDOS a mi espacio creativo. Recrearemos con la cri...

Thanks for participating in our contest! Hope you read and adhere to the rules. Good luck

Thank you 🤗

Thanks for participating! Hope you followed the rules 😛


It's a pleasure! Hope you read the rule for this contest.

Thanks for these contests, first time participating here, my posting:



Thanks for participating. I'm certain you read and adhere to the rules!

Thanks #build-it