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BUILD Token Listing on SteemLeo Dex

BUILD tokens are now available on SteemLeo DexBUILD for trading (Selling/Buying/Staking).


SteemLeo Dex

SteemLeo Dex is an alternative interface for trading Steem Engine based tokens which has some remarkable features and is specifically designed for a better user experience...

steemleo dex v2 announcement.png


steemleo dex features:

  • Advanced Wallet Page
  • STEEM ==> STEEMP Deposit & Withdrawal Gateway
  • Rewards Page: Claiming All Rewards + Voting Powers
  • Open Orders Page
  • Mobile Friendly (using the steemwallet app for keychain support)
  • Lightning Fast
  • Future SMTs Support (source)

As it has a few tokens listed on it so far, SteemLeo Dex would be a faster and easier trading option.


GOOD LUCK in getting better trading offers on STEEMLEO DEX!

Build-It information and resources

Token Info.

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A smart move to join this trading interface. The team has big plans with their DEX.

It is good to see the BUILD team asserting itself. A lot going on it seems.

  ·  5 months ago Reveal Comment

Now we can trade on SteemLeo Dex besides Steem Engine. That's great!

Welcome to the squad! 🦁

Good to see more happening on Leo Dex

Good to hear this. Good move.