Mazunte Deposit Build - Working at Night for the Perfect Level

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Our intrepid tire wall builders know their priorities: While the evening hours would be perfect for sitting around the table, sipping on beers, and sharing the music we have practiced during afternoon siesta, it is also the only time when the laser level is visible on the entire wall.


And once the course is about to be finished, it's a good idea to sacrifice half an hour from one's evening, to take careful note on the exact height of each of the four points of each tire: front, back, and the two sides. If we gave our leveling a leeway of a finger, there shouldn't be any greater difference than a centimeter anywhere.


That's never it case, of course, but the following morning we know exactly what needs to be done. So in a way, the next course can be considered to have commenced. Now, let's get back to the beer and that song...


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Do you cut one sidewall off, or pack it by hand?

Neither. We use complete tires, and pack them using a sledge-hammer.

I see.
Should last a long time.