My Pandemic Garden Part 1

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At the beginning of the year I was absolutely intending on planting a bigger garden of things for my next Steem Grow. But then, things happened.


At first, I started working more outside of the home rather than at home. The money was appreciated but, that certainly took a bite out of my steem time, and in turn things I did on steem, like gardening and art.

I tried lining up some free time to plan time for some planting things and to knock out a few outstanding art projects that still remain unfinished. Then, I'm about to start dropping seeds when I hear from my landlord that they intend to sell the property and that renters will need to go at some point.

This was discouraging. I had to use my free time to keep an eye out for a new place to live now. Instead of blogging for crypto I am stressing about not having a place to live soon if I don't find that magical combination of "affordable" and "accepts dogs".

So at this point I am thinking that a grow will not be happening this year for me since I have to move.
But then Covid 19.


Then for the first time in my life I am being told that I need to stay home for everyone's safety.
But like, for EVERYONE'S safety.

I'm thinking at first that they'll make us stay home for a week or two. But then the more I look at the news, the more I hear it could be longer. The financial markets are heading south, and wow, BTC got knocked on its ass just about. Now the borders are closed and travel is stopping. Now I'm thinking that no one is buying this house any time soon.

So I decide to make a garden with what I have.

I have:

-plenty of soil,dirt, gravel and a heap of composting stuff.
-several grow pots and containers of varying sizes
-some left over plants from last season
-seeds from the last cannabis harvest, and veggie seed packs
-Epsom Salt
-Neem Oil
-Some Bloom Nutes
-White Vinegar
-LED Grow Lights (just 2 though)
-Some fish waste from a Koi pond that is no longer in operation

Let me tell you why I have fencing around my garden area now. This adorable pup is Otis. He's not mine, but belongs to a housemate. He was a small guy when he came and now after a short amount of time he's now bigger than my own dog Fry. He's still growing. But he also still seems to think he's a little puppy. So he flops around haphazardly wanting to play.


yeah this is the best I could get of him, he's too busy being a dog to pose for a photo.


At first this little pen was set up for him to stay in. Then he got big enough to scale the fencing and so we got used to him occupying the full back yard. One morning I came out and saw that he had trampled though the few remaining plants I had purposefully growing. I had Chili Pepper plants growing since last year and I was looking forward to a better showing of peppers this time around.


He dug up some, and just smashed others. But I can't be mad, he's just a puppy and he's just learning how to dog. The bright side is, he didn't get all of them and some of the damaged ones seemed like they might bounce back.


So then I repurposed that dog pen fencing to keep that adorable little monster out of the garden. I don't feel like he will spend time trying to get INTO the pen.


There are a couple of succulent types on the left there that were tossed from their pots by the dog. I just stuck them in the bed with the pepper plants.


Oh yeah, here is the lone cannabis I kept from last season. I've been minimally watering it since it's been raining often, and because it's a revegging experiment. What do you think, should I shoot it in the face already?


These two plants have been killing it. I want to put them in bigger pots, and maybe pull some clones.


These are the packets I have on me. I may score more seeds, I may not.


But as I think this house will sit a while unsold and I am being told that I need to sit in it for an extended time, then dammit, I am starting a Pandemic Garden.


This is the beginning of the end? We'll see, with fruits, veggies and plenty of weed.


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