Decking Nearly Done - September 19, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

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Arissa nailing subfloor crop September 2019.jpg

My intern convinced her parents that spending an extra day on the farm learning to build a house was a good homeschooling experience. So now she will come Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

Construction - kitchen and living room deck done crop September 2019.jpg

Her job today was to run the power nailer and put down the subfloor. They got the living room and kitchen finished except for a section right beside the existing house. That needs wires moved and plywood cut away before it can be finished.

Construction - deck nearly done crop September 2019.jpg

They almost got the bedroom finished. The pantry and laundry floors are left.

My husband spoke with the masonry heater contractor and we are wondering if it will be installed this year. Seems he’s building a house too….

The special order jamb extensions and window trim for the roundtop window arrived today. The window trim did NOT have the special channel routed into the back side, for butting siding up into. It was returned. The jamb extension only had the roundtop part, no sides or bottom. For all the money we paid for these things, one would like to hope they’d get them right…

The window I stained this morning, it looks like someone spilled something on an inside board before it was installed. It won’t take the stain.

So that makes an unusable awning window that will be returned, a damaged double hung casement, an incorrect window trim, and missing jamb extensions. Wonder what else will go wrong with this order? I’m only on window 5 of 12….

We’ve gotten Marvin windows twice in the past and never had a problem. Not this time…

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When we were fully up and running in our other homestead (before we moved here) we had work exchangers come out to help and learn. There are a few sites you could use if you were interested in offering the same. I plan to here at Kindred Acres once we get a little further along. I plan to build a tiny cabin in our woods for work exchange stays. Hopefully by next year that will be done....It hasn't been my focus yet. It really is helpful having work exchangers come out though. And you get to meet peole from all over. If you are interested I can get you the links. Just let me know! :)

We tried that, specifically WWOOF, with some success. But then we couldn't get people because of our stringent screening process (which we had always used). That stops people cold these days, but twice burned 10X shy....

I totally understand. I am very stringent with screening as well. It helps to start local. Maybe on your local community pages offer a simple work exchange like they come harvest for a day and keep a portion of the harvest. No overnights or anything. That will help you to get to know people and get the word out too. I had that issue as well with the screening process. Some people just don't want to go through it all but they also have to try to understand from a homeowner/homesteaders perspective....there is a lot at stake for us. Anyway, I wish you luck either way! Sounds like you all have a good solid working farm there. I enjoy seeing your posts! :)

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yes, it is a great learning experience , not only for homeschooling. I would have done the same myself. I really want to learn how to do this.