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Exploded chop saw shield crop April 2020.jpg

Thursday morning he was out prepping for the electrician and had to run a board through the chopsaw. The next thing he knew the big part of the shield was flying over his shoulder and landed on the other side of the house. The shield had apparently loosened up and the blade hit it and it exploded. So now he has to find a new shield.

The electrician has been here all week and they’ve gotten a lot done. They figure to finish the rough by Wednesday.

Construction  masonry heater layout crop April 2020.jpg

So I guess the masonry heater contractor decided he did want to do our job and showed up on Thursday morning to hash out details like location, hole through the roof, and mantles. Then he went to the cellar and laid out the foundation and location of the 2 chimneys.

He said he and the 2nd contractor will be starting the first week of June on the foundation, up to the building of heater. When the 2nd contractor must leave, the first has to take a week to work on another house, then he returns in July to finish. It’s not settled if he is doing the veneer or if my husband will be stuck with it.

Friday the electrician had finish work to do elsewhere, and we had chicks coming, so that was his project for the day.

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