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Construction  sono tubes done crop April 2020.jpg

On Sunday he got out there really early and finished the grading around the sono tubes and the azalea. It was during a lull in the rain.

Construction  east side yard graded crop April 2020.jpg

Then he cleaned up the addition because the electrician is due on Monday morning. When that was done, he cleaned out the cold room at the barn and built the brooder. The chicks are due on May 1.

Monday it’s to rain off and on all day, but they will be working inside running electric.

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Things are looking great. What the heck are you guys going to do with all of the free time you will have when you complete this project. Probably just sit around like I do after a project is finished, Not! 😁😁

Lol, right! We have a farm to run....and if the previous 2 projects are any indication, we will still be finishing this one in 30 years.... LOL

It might be time to start snapping the whip a little more. 😁

LOL! Pretty much I leave it to him about how much he can do. He and I have good days and bad days, due to chronic illness, so there's no telling what we can do from hour to hour.

I had no idea, with all you guys do you both seem as healthy as a pack mule. I'm sorry to hear that @goldenoakfarm.

Nope, a very long way from healthy. But we are both stubborn as mules... :))

Oh she has year round tasks to do! It's amazing what this farm produces.

With as hard as they work they should reap the bounty @owasco

You would laugh at my efforts at home beautification! My rinky dink greenhouse has no vents, so I have to rush out on sunny mornings and hope I've gotten there early enough to save my seedlings (all 22 of them) from frying. I use a pick ax to clear earth for veggies, and can only do 2 square feet a day or my back complains bitterly. My wheelbarrow is the cutest little thing made of canvas (I might do a Wednesday Walk post about it's inaugural journey) and I just hope no one steps in doo doo when they walk in my yard. So I guess it's good that so few people are stopping by now.

But at least you have a greenhouse...... :))

You don't have a greenhouse? I guess I never have seen a pix of a greenhouse at your place. 1200 seedlings in your house and basement?!

Yup, they are all in the house. Too cold in the basement. No greenhouse... sigh....

Is that by choice? If you're managing...

Well, I was promised a greenhouse when my husband had finished his larger, new rod shop. He's now got a 3rd even bigger one he'll be doing once he finishes the house addition, and re-wiring the barn. So it looks like a greenhouse is a long ways away....