He’s Picking Up Speed! - July 8, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction  west side done crop July 2020.jpg

Wednesday he got started on the west side of the living room and finished it up quickly.

Construction  south living room started crop July 2020.jpg

It was another very humid day, with storms threatened after midday. He got the windows trimmed and started running the siding. It will go up to the roofline, not sure where the break is. The gable end will have more of the shakes.

New welcome mat crop July 2020.jpg

I got a new to me doormat from BuyNothing for the front porch.

Thursday he will work on siding and also has to go pick up the rest of the trim wood in the morning.

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I really enjoy how you are giving updates on your home.

I sometimes wonder if daily is too much. But my family read these, even if they can't respond.

👌 👍 👌