Laying Out Walls - September 28, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

in construction •  6 months ago 

Construction - laundry room wall done crop September 2019.jpg
The finished laundry room wall

He didn’t get a lot done yesterday, still recovering from the fishing trip. He also had to make an unplanned milk run in the afternoon.

Construction - laying out porch area crop September 2019.jpg

He did lay out the wall by the kitchen porch. He has to finagle the far corner by the house, as the foundation didn’t work out as he thought it would.

Construction - laying out west living room wall crop September 2019.jpg

He got the west wall of the living room laid out also. There’s the front door and a double hung window on this wall.

He also planned how he was going to raise the north walls on Sunday.

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