More Estimating - January 29, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Plants in office1 crop January 2020.jpg
Plants in my office

My intern was back from her long family vacation and on Wednesday we had a couple projects. The first was teaching her root pruning of house plants. The wandering jew hanging in my office needed work. So we root pruned it and gave it new soil and drainage stones.

HBB101-Rosemary-e1510159408199 crop .jpg
6” tile, one of 3 in the under cabinet area source

The other project was working on the estimating for the kitchen. I’d reached the tile backsplash so we sat down and double checked the work I’d done last year.

HBB104-Chives 4''-e1510159490464 crop .jpg
4” tile that will be on top of the backsplash over the copper sink source

The photos are hopefully the full sized tiles I will be using. We spent a bit of time making sure the measurements of the backsplash were correct.

Basil-listello-e1510159431389 crop.jpg
2” x 6” Listello tile for each side of the backsplash ends source

Then we moved onto checking the trim figures and finally searching for a hood over the stove. We found several this time, and I selected one and got it ordered, as it was a 1 day sale item.

While we were doing this my husband was out cutting gussets and putting them up.

Thursday he will put up more gussets and I will be spring cleaning a bedroom with my helper friend.