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Construction  south living room windows in3 crop December 2019.jpg

After months of looking at a blue square in the living room, on Tuesday the roundtop window was finally able to be installed.

Construction  roundtop in 4 crop June 2020.jpg

Construction  roundtop window in1 crop June 2020.jpg

Of course, it has a lovely view of the dumpster right now.

Construction  roundtop window in2 crop June 2020.jpg

But it lets in so much light, after having it rather dim in the living room. This will be lovely in the winter. But without a shade on it right now, it gets pretty hot in there.

Construction  porch floor Trex Foggy Wharf crop June 2020.jpg

This will be the flooring of the front porch. It is Trex Foggy Wharf. I’d wanted lighter colors so they would not get so hot in the sun, as it faces south. I’d selected a light tan called Toasted Sand and we’d ordered it a couple weeks ago. We received notice on Monday it was backordered until July 27th.

He must get the porch built and sided as we have 2 contractors lined up to come in after him. So we ended up going with this one. It was in stock and he brought it home Tuesday afternoon.

Construction  siding off old pantry crop June 2020.jpg

Then he went out and tore off the siding on the old pantry. He had to do this because there was a 2” gap between the door and the old siding. If you look, you can see where the insulation had yellowed along the door frame for 2”.

Construction  masonry heater finishing work1 crop June 2020.jpg

The mason got some more finish work done on the heater, around the firebox and on the top.

Construction  masonry heater finishing work2 crop June 2020.jpg

Construction  heater crop June 2020.jpg
The mantle

Wednesday we go early to cleanout mulch hay at a nearby stable. We are supposed to have thunderstorms off and on all day. I’m not sure if he will start the porch, or put up siding on the old pantry.

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I like the new round top window. Adds a lovely segue to the view.