One Year - August 19, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction  walkway and steps finished crop August 2020.jpg

The stone masons finished on Wednesday. I got to thinking about what this looked like a year ago.

Construction  still waiting crop August 2019.jpg

August 12, 2019

Lot of changes since then. We’ve got 1 more job outside, getting a 500 gallon propane tank installed on the north side of the Big garden. That will involve the gas company, the excavator, and the plumber. That’s the last of the contractors for the outside.

Walkway  stonework crop August 2020.jpg

Close-up of the detail of stone work

Construction  left side stone wall crop August 2020.jpg

Left side stone wall

There will be a 3’ or 4’ wide flowerbed along this wall and an 18” wide one along the side of the steps. The rest of the area will be creeping thyme and violets. There will be edging keeping the thyme out of the gardens.

Construction  right side stone wall crop August 2020.jpg

Right side stone wall

This area will be planted to ferns in the back and lily of the valley filling it. There might be spring bulbs added later. I will run edging across the front to contain these plants.

The woodpile inspector crop August 2020.jpg

He didn’t do much on the construction front, just trying to get the stone for flooring and facades ordered. He spent time off and on all day rebuilding the wood pile for our son to move into the shed. There’s a woodpile inspector on the top of the pile.

On Thursday he will be working on the front porch, repairing cupped boards and puttying nail holes in preparation for painting trim.


I love how those large stone look in the first photo. Makes me want to do the same :-)

They used huge stones for much of this work. Our previous walkway had had much smaller stones and they required maintenance. They said I shouldn't have to do anything for these.