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Dining room light.jpg
Dining room light - source

I’ve spent the last few days working on the estimates. I did the bedroom first just because it was on the top of the list, then moved on to the dining room. I got the light ordered and found a source for the bamboo flooring my husband wanted.

flooring_natural_wide_click_main crop.jpg
Bamboo flooring for dining room – source

Next was the living room. There were 2 things to decide on right now: overhead lights and flooring. I found the overhead lights and got those ordered. I found a 2 pack for a good savings.

Living room lights crop.jpg
Living room lights – source

For flooring I wanted something like oak, a hardwood. But my husband wanted to continue the bamboo from the dining room, as they adjoined. We’d found a local supplier of what was supposed to be the hardest bamboo available. I found the distributor/supplier online and contacted them, to see if we could get a better price. I guess we are going to have bamboo as the wood in the addition.

Cedar closet crop.jpg
Cedar closet idea - source

Next up was the cedar closet. The photo above is a rough idea of what it will look like. There won’t be the shelves at the back and it will have a sheetrock ceiling. The cheapest linoleum I can find for the floor as it’s very low traffic. It, at least, had not been discontinued, yet.

Clean Room crop.jpg

The clean room was next. This was created to fill a tiny 6½’ x 9½’ space left after the bathroom was in place. Each square is 1’. It would be right next to the main entry and have the milk and egg fridge right there.

Tonka garage - sink3 crop1 Aug. 2010.jpg

I had this sink I’d put into the Tonka garage to wash dirty things and vegetables. It drained over the bank. I wanted to create the same sort of space inside, as it turned out the Tonka garage was just too hard to utilize.

I would be using the old battered cabinets and some new 2” x 4” shelving for storage. We were also going to move the greenhouse window into the space left by the roundtop window. I had hoped to use some of the old countertops from the old kitchen in here. I may still be able to use some, but will have to buy a premade off the shelf for one.

Clean Room - redesign crop.jpg

As sometimes happens, when my husband was transferring my graph paper drawings to the AutoCAD, things did not line up. He really didn’t like having only 2½’ of floor space. As this was not something I was committed to, just something I created to use an empty space, we decided all shelving on the right side would give enough floor space. I would have 1 or maybe 2 old cabinets that didn’t get used. I probably can use them for storage in the cellar.

Utility sink3 crop.jpg
Utility sink for laundry – source

He had not yet worked up the new layout for the laundry room but it looked like there’s going to be plenty of room for my utility sink in this configuration. But he checked the bearing wall and the door opening will have to be moved 3” east, I think.

natural-oak-wood-finish-trafficmaster-sheet-vinyl-crop 6580180c732p15-64_1000.jpg
Kitchen floor lineoleum – source

I’d picked out this for the kitchen last year, and found it had been discontinued, as had my second choice:

butterscotch-hickory-hand-sculpted-wood-finish-trafficmaster-sheet-vinyl-c9500185k862p15-64_1000 crop.jpg

It’s been very difficult to find pretty sheet flooring. I find most of it boring, just stone colors or boring wood designs.

tan-ivc-vinyl-sheet-flooring-u9800-195c534p158-64_1000 crop.jpg
New flooring for kitchen – source

This is a little more expensive but the quality is superior. It should be good for the heavy use kitchen.

Williamsburg-Indian Quilt-Cochin Square crop.jpg
Williamsburg: Indian Quilt, color Cochin – source

Because the plain wood design is rather boring, I found these old fashioned floor cloths. I will put a large one down between the island and copper sink, and small ones on either side of the island. It will add a nice splash of color.

copper-empire-industries-farmhouse-apron-kitchen-sinks-ve30-64_1000 crop.jpg
Kitchen sink - source

I got the kitchen sink ordered and the 2 faucets for the 2 kitchen sinks. The other sink will be the old stainless double bowl, in the island.

038877568774 crop .jpg
Kitchen sink faucets - source

That’s as far as I got on Monday.

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