Porch Nearly Done - July 20, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

in construction •  22 days ago 

Construction  porch east side done crop July 2020.jpg

He’s taken to working 2 - 3 hours in the morning until it gets hot, then going out late afternoon or early evening when it starts to cool down and doing some more.

He finished the east side in this manner and moved onto the north side.

Construction  porch understorage door1 crop July 2020.jpg

He built the little access door for the under porch storage area on the north side.

Construction  porch understorage door2 crop July 2020.jpg

He plans to cover it with the aluminum, I think.

Construction  porch north side crop July 2020.jpg

Then he started chipping away at the north side.

On Tuesday he’ll finish this and start the run down the side of the house.

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I am in love with the color! :)

The original side of the house was this color, 30 years ago. I wish we could afford to do the whole house so it really matched...

I was trying to match the deeper yellow color often seen on the older colonial houses in New England. But we were using vinyl siding, as neither of us could do painting every 7 years, nor could we afford to have it done. So I had to go with the color closest, and this is it.

Very nice looking!