Prepping for Painting - August 20, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction  prepping for painting crop August 2020.jpg

He worked during the morning getting the trim boards on the front porch ready to paint. He puttied all the cracks and nail holes.

He also finally, after 2 weeks of trying, got the façade stone ordered. It will be about 2 weeks til it’s here. So sometime after Freezer Camp on Labor Day weekend he’ll be able to start the façade on the chimney.

outdoorstairrailingsexteriorstairrailingdesign crop.jpg


He also spent a good bit of time looking for nice metal handrails for the front steps. He found these online and we both like them but there was no source listed. I found a company out of NJ that makes metal railings, so he’s contacted them for pricing and availability.

On Friday I think he plans to paint the front porch.