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Construction  panel wall crop May 2020.jpg

It seems the new requirements not only require a solid wall behind a panel, but it must be painted too. So he set about getting that done first thing on Sunday.

Construction  freezer room strapping and fixtures crop May 2020.jpg

Once that was done, he set about the hardest part of the job in the cellar: trying to get strapping over the kitchen cabinets stored in the freezer room.

It took him most of the day to do ¾ of it and put up the ceiling boxes. He’d also put up the wood into the foundation that will hold the outlets for the freezers. But it seemed he mostly was moving cabinet boxes back and forth so he could work.

He still has the root cellar ceiling to do and wires to run. They hope to be finished by Wednesday on the rough.

Saturday he spent replacing the chopsaw that came apart. It was under warrantee and he was able to upgrade and he got a new blade included. We also went and got the last 2 windows for the back porch and an electric heater for the living room. Must have “conventional” heating by code and this is the cheapest to buy. We’ve never used the others but twice in for brief periods in 37 years. In fact they are shut off at the panel.

Monday the electrician will be here and they will go at it some more.

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