Small Progress on the Masonry Heater - June 19, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction  bake oven keystones crop June 2020.jpg

The main mason is working by himself now. On Thursday he made the keyhole stones over the bake oven.

Construction  cleanout and damper cutouts crop June 2020.jpg

On Friday he made the cutouts for the ash cleanout and the bypass damper. He also laid some blocks on the left side.

Construction  components company crop June 2020.jpg

The Finnish company the metal components comes from

Construction  bake oven door crop June 2020.jpg

The bake oven door

Construction  firebox door crop June 2020.jpg

The firebox door

Construction  ash cleanout door crop June 2020.jpg

The ash cleanout door

Construction  roundtop headers crop June 2020.jpg

My husband is still waiting for the Trex to come in so he can build the front porch and continue the siding. On Friday he decided to make the headers over the roundtop window.

He had 2 old jigsaws and set about cutting out the shapes. When he’d managed to break his last blade, he went and got more. While putting the blade in, the retainer broke. Scratch one old saw. So he went to get the second one and discovered it is old enough that the new type blades are too wide for it.

We headed out to Lowes to get a new jigsaw. They had none in stock. I went because I was tired of fighting with the sprinklers, all of which were semi functional. I found the very last one at Lowes.

We went over to Home Depot and he found a jigsaw. He much prefers the corded ones to ones with batteries, and corded tools are getting harder to find. I found 2 more sprinklers, so we were both satisfied.

In the end I’m not sure he got all 4 headers cut, as I only found these 3.

Saturday we head to the farmers market for more herb plants, if we can find any, and for a load of compost. He also has to make a milk run today. My son is supposed to come and unload the compost as the truck is needed on Monday if the Trex order comes in.

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I tend to prefer corded tools as well but my mind has been changing now that I have my Dewalt hammer drill. The lipo batteries last a really long time and charge super fast. It was not cheap though but well worth the money. The heater is coming together nicely!

The work is coming along nicely. You will enjoy for years to come.