The Deck is Finished - September 23, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction - deck finished crop September 2019.jpg

He got those last pieces on, made sure all the sheets were completely nailed down, checked all the joist hangers had all their nails, and cleaned up the cellar and deck. That part is done.

Construction - siding off mudroom crop September 2019.jpg

Then he proceeded to make a new mess: tearing off the siding and insulation on the mudroom wall/backdoor area. The first wall is to be the north wall, 32’ long if I remember right. It attaches where the gutter on the right is.

Tuesday he goes to get cabinets, again, hopefully they will have found them this time. Once they are unloaded, he reloads the truck with firewood for my son to unload, and sets about building the first wall.

Now we can get the cellar floor poured. That will be the last of contractors until he reaches electric and plumbing.

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Looks very good.

Can I trouble you with a question? We recently had our back deck cave in. Now it slants down six inches in the corner towards the house. It's unstable and will probably cause rainwater to run towards the house. I'm concerned how much it will cost to redo or repair. Any ideas or suggestions? It's a 10x15 area over two feet off the ground level without a railing.

I'm also seeing the outside edge of the floorboards running under the doorway to the living room are exposed on the side to the elements. Would a deck person know fix this so the house is better protected? On your house it looks like you have a few flat pieces running along the side of the house under the window. On our house this is missing under the doorway. Are bugs/ants going to crawl in here regardless?

All kinds of things can be crawling in there! There should be protection for the ends of the joists.

As far as cost of repairs, I can't help you there, we've never hired out, just done it ourselves. But 10' x 15' is pretty small, something a handyman type would do. it would be hard to get a builder to take on such a small job. They would not even touch ours! That's one reason we are doing it ourselves.

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