The Front Porch Siding is Done - July 7, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction  porch sided1 crop July 2020.jpg

On Tuesday his goal was to get it all done, down to the far corner of the living room. He did get the porch all finished, except the ceiling and painting. The ceiling has to wait for the electrical inspection. The painting waits until the siding, gutters, and stonework are done.

Construction  porch sided2 crop July 2020.jpg

You can see he didn’t make it much past the inner corner.

Construction  3 angle corner finished crop July 2020.jpg

This is why. He had 3 different angles he had to cover and it took him a long time to get them done. The gutter guys will have fun with this area too….

Wednesday he will finish the west wall and start on the south living room wall, until the storms move in.

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I love the color of the siding and he is certainly making big strides on getting it finished. Woot! Woot!

I just love the cedar shake style and we were lucky to be able to match the old siding, same color. I sure wish it wasn't so expensive!