The Kitchen Floor - September 16, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction - big carrying beam in place1 crop September 2019.jpg

They got an early start on Monday, moving the huge carrying beam into place.

Construction - staging for moving big carrying beam crop September 2019.jpg

My husband had a section of staging and he used that, and various other bits and pieces to support the west end of the beam as they slid it along and into place.

Construction - big carrying beam in place2 crop September 2019.jpg
In place and supported by a temporary support

Construction - big carrying beam in place3 crop September 2019.jpg

The east end was easier as it had the wall to slide along.

Construction - half the joists run, bridging crop September 2019.jpg

My son helped him until noon, but he kept working, putting the joists in for the kitchen and dining room floors. He got most of the bridging in also.

But he’d done far too much and was in bed at 5PM. Hope this won’t mean he’s not in good enough shape to do much for the next 2 days…

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this is going to be so awesome!

An odd thing we've discovered: It looks much smaller looking out the current dining room window, than it seemed on paper. But my husband says, come down into the cellar, it looks a lot bigger! But everytime I've headed down there, he's shut the door which is covered in fiberglass insulation. I am allergic to that, so it stops me in my tracks. But one day I will get there when it's open and see for myself.

whatever the size, it looks like it will be great!

It better be! We've spent enough for cabinets, etc.... I've redesigned it about 8 times...

Hi, @goldenoakfarm!

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