The North Wall is Up! - September 29, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction - covering holes for safety crop September 2019.jpg

Once we’d gotten the pasture pen moved, he started prepping for putting the north wall up. First he covered the masonry heater and stairwell holes with 2” x 4” and plywood for safety.

Construction - tractor in case crop September 2019.jpg

Then he positioned the tractor bucket to catch each section in case the wind came up.

Construction - bedroom section up crop September 2019.jpg

He’d asked our son and my helper friend to come over to help move the heavy sections. I ended up helping too, so there were 4 of us for each section.

Construction - last section  in that hole crop September 2019.jpg

The hardest section was this end one. It had to come in at an angle. We used the 2” x 4” x 12’ as “railroad tracks” to slide it on. This was my son’s idea. In the end, my husband had to cut ⅜” off the top plate to get it in.

Construction - north wall up1 crop September 2019.jpg
From right: 2 bedroom windows, the stairwell wall, the pantry window, the laundry room window.

Construction - north wall up2 crop September 2019.jpg
This shows the back door frame next to the laundry room window.

Construction - north wall up3 crop September 2019.jpg
The whole wall inside

Construction - north wall up4 crop September 2019.jpg
Looking southwest

Construction - north wall up5 crop September 2019.jpg
Looking southeast

It only took us an hour to get it up. He’d hoped to have 2 more walls to put up, but events conspired against him on Saturday. He has shoulder surgery on Monday and will be out for a couple weeks until the stitches come out.

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