Throwback Tuesday - October 1, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

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Barn interior1A crop Fall 1983.jpg
Barn interior Fall 1983

(I know, supposed to be Throwback Thursday, but I thought of it today and didn’t have a post.)

We closed on the property on July 1, 1983 and my husband began work that day renovating the 125 year old tobacco shed into a 10 stall horse barn with tack room, grain room, hayloft, and bedding storage. He did this until Labor Day weekend that year.

Building house1 crop1 Sept. 1983.jpg

On Labor Day weekend 1983 he and my siblings raised the pre-fabricated Green Mountain passive solar heated house, measuring 16’ x 18’, 1½ stories.

House1 crop1A Aug. 1986.jpg
The house in August 1986

Building 2nd side crop Summer 1990.jpg
The passive solar heated addition in the summer of 1990

In 1990 we decided to make an addition to the house, and to the family. I became pregnant with our son shortly after he started this project. He had some help from my siblings, but did most of it himself. It measured 20’ x 24’ and a full 2 stories with attic.

House1A crop July 1992.jpg
The addition in July 1992

It didn’t get finished for several years, as you can tell from the doors and windows.

House south crop Aug. 02.jpg
Finished new window project August 2002

In 2002 we put new windows and doors in, replacing the ones from 1983. Between this time and the end of building in 1986, he also renovated the barn again and built the woodshed and front pasture shelter.

11.Butcher Shop - Long back counter1 crop Dec. 08.jpg
The butcher shop in 2008

In 2008 he renovated the barn again building new infrastructure for chickens and cows. He also started the butchershop, finished in 2010 along with a cold room.

Now we are building the final structure, a single floor addition so we can move to single floor living, hopefully to age in place.

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WOW! Looking at that addition to the house... amazing!
Doubled the living space- beautiful home!

I didn't put the current addition on, because there's already a bunch of posts about it. That one is 1300 +/- sq. ft.

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