Two Projects Finished - June 25, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction  heater core finished1 crop June 2020.jpg

The mason finished the core for the masonry heater on Thursday.

Construction  heater core finished2 crop June 2020.jpg

I hadn’t been able to get a shot of this side during building due to all the equipment. This is where the woodbox will be. That’s a fly ash cleanout on top.

Construction  heater core finished3 crop June 2020.jpg

My husband will be putting the New England Mosaic fieldstone façade on sometime this summer. In July the mason comes back and builds the part that will go through the roof.

Construction  back porch cleaned out crop June 2020.jpg

The mason cleaned out all his tools and as much of the mess as he could. I have my back porch back! It just needs to have a bench made to hold the dehydrators, on the right side, and I can start some serious dehydrating.

Construction  north siding done crop June 2020.jpg

My husband got the gable finished. He will have to do the fascia and soffit for the whole house. He plans to rent a break and do aluminum for some of it. Once that’s done the gutter contractor can do his work in one day, he said. Then the stone mason can start the steps and walkway.

On Friday my husband plans to start the front porch.

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I always am in awe with people who are good in construction. I am a klutz when it comes to these things and my wife has more aptitude and talent than I think I'll ever have. But it seems in your case, you and your hubby are both knowledgeable and skilled in this and you both can sit and talk about the boiler or the fly ash or the fieldstone facade and actually have fun and understand each other lol.

Well, some of the time, anyways.... :))

😄 👍