Two Steps Finished - August 18, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction  back porch finished crop August 2020.jpg

Tuesday he spent most of the day finishing these back steps. They needed the bottom step added, the bench for laundry baskets built and railings put on.

Construction  stone wall on right crop August 2020.jpg

Stone wall, right side

The stone masons decided they needed to start the stone wall that will go under the front porch in order to continue with the steps.

Construction  stone wall on left crop August 2020.jpg

Stone wall, left side

So there was a lot more banging and sawing going on as I worked in the gardens.

Construction  front steps finished crop August 2020.jpg

They were here earlier on Tuesday and stayed later and finished the front steps.

Construction  porch and  front steps crop August 2020.jpg

On Wednesday, my husband will put up the lattice, paint the door and handrail for the back porch, and replace the boards that cupped on the front porch. He hopes to putty nail holes and get it all ready to paint as soon as the masons are done.