Still using my Corel draw to make a design (A house 🏠)

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Still using my Corel draw to make a design (A house 🏠)

Wasn't an easy work to do the design to finish it (complete it), it really took me time to do it step by step
But at last I make it πŸ˜ƒ

Designing a house 🏠 using Corel draw
First draw a square using rectangular tool, then drew another square on top of the other square to form a upstairs (house 🏠)
Then use a rectangular tool to draw a square shape then use it to design (make) a roof for the house.
Just like this, hope its look nice πŸ‘Œ.

Still using the rectangular tool to draw small square shapes to make (form) the windows and the doors, design it with black and white colors

I want a pole hole (water) in my compound (house) so I then design a tap (water πŸ’¦), still using a rectangular tool to draw a square and then use shape tool to shape the square to the side I prefer. My tap (water) is ready.

I make the downstairs to be a supermarket, using my nick name on it "Gentle Smart" super market.
My design isn't looking bad right πŸ€”

Done with my design πŸ€—
Here is my house and my pole hole (water) and that's the super market down there.

Thank you for visiting my blog

I'm @imadear

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