Oops: We Did It Again - Took on MORE Work on the Landie....

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There's two sorts of people in Landrover worlds - or perhaps any kind of classic car world. Those that want to keep things original at the expense of comfort, being dry and not having your eardrums burst from the noise from a drive to the shops, and those who don't mind a few tweaks to make things comfortable, quiet and even liveable.


Clearly, as we bastardise the interior of Buttercup, there will be those of you crying into your cuppa tea. But its our car, and we gotta live with it. If we hadn't restored her in the first place, she may have died a sad rusty death in a spidery shed. To start she looks pretty classic from the inside. It's almost a shame to fit her out. It'll move her from 'workhorse' realm to hipster traveller git realm, but hey, we like #vanlife and we've always done it, so there.


Besides, I was on Instagram and saw this cute set up I fell in love with. Because what I am NOT in love with are roof top tents, especially in a storm, or if I forget I am 12 ft off the ground in the middle of the night dying for a pee. Plus, if the rooftop tent WASN'T on, we could dash off easily and still be ready to roll. Or sleep roll.

The Interior Build

Step 1: Sound Proofing, and Yoga Mats


We have a mate on the coast who has a business doing up VW campers. He had soundproofing he could sell us immediately at trade prices. Very easy to instal and the sound immediately changed on the inside. It will make a helluva difference when we have stones flick up from the road.. dull thuds over tinks any day, please.


You may also notice the laminate floorboards. We had them leftover from a bus build, and they are pretty good quality so we thought they may as well form a nice floor too.

To get a flat surface for the ply to rest on and then continue with the rest of the build, we utilised yoga mats that I had for, well, teaching yoga that I never got around to much. They are dense and will soundproof a little further. Contact adhesive held them in place. We did some test drumming on all surfaces - sounds good.


Step 2: A Table Saw & Cutting Ply

You have no idea how many vehicle interiors we have done with a handsaw. This time Jamie downright refused to do another build without decent equipment. As things go, Facebook marketplace was full of people selling table saws this weekend, so we picked one up for $120 which was a downright bargain. Cuts beautifully.

First step was making everything nice and flat.


It's quite hard to explain how it'll all come together. On the right hand side goes the 12 volt fridge and the cooker, and on top of that will also be a nice benchtop made of recycled wood from another job. That's gluing currently - more on that next post. On the left hand side, there will be storage and a fold out bed situation - again - you'll see that when it all comes together. I'd love to write more about it now but I'm totally knackered. Another full day of building tomorrow - hope to get it done so we can finally go camping.

You can see a little more of what we've done on our new Insta account, @greylandie - terribly unoriginal name, but we're hoping a better one will come to us eventually. Link here.

Questions? Fire away...

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Nice upgrades and I like improving car's from what I he factory built 👍

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I don't think Landrover would make the same car again would they? Otherwise they'd never have a new defender. On online forums people will say 'yeah but old Series 3 always leak water' and we are like.. not if you bloody fix it they don't haha.

Wait so you drove from Australia to India? How does that work?

Nooooo.... we will do, in 3 years time. Container ferry from Brisbane to Singapore. Then overland..via Thailand, Burma.

wow nice touch up on your rovers. You need to have durable tires or have more spare because the road at SEA country usually not so great at some rural area, I can only talk on behalf of Malaysian 😅 , perhaps other neighbor country should be fine.

Nothing like a few tweaks here and there to make things (a little more) bearable. I'm keen to see it all together and tickety-boo. Nice work.

Are you serious? I have to get an instashit account to follow? Come onnnn [Said in whiney don't want instashit voice.]

Well, until Steem has hundreds of landie to be inspired by, I will still peruse feeds there. Sad but true.

You dont have to.. you can bookmark it on your browser and just watch the magic...

Yeah, I understand. It's just not my thing, same as Facebook I guess.

May not be original inside, but it will make life on the road much more enjoyable. He, and you, sure do lovely work!

Thanks so much!!! It takes two right? I so much prefer this end of things over mechanics.

Looking good so far.

Surprisingly roomy in the back!

Yes, we can lie down in there too. Advantage of long wheel base!

That's not fair... @whatamidoing stole my question!!! You're driving the landie from MEL to India via Bangkok? LOVE it LOL....

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Noooooooooooo..... We will do in 3 years but not this year lol.

It looks awesome. Great job @riverflows


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