Project - Re-Caulking the Tub and Reward Beer!

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My bathtub is in a horrible state. Something needed to be done. The easiest fix was to re-caulk it, so that is just what I did.

before caulking.jpg

As you can see, it looked like crap. Personally I want a new tub because it is about 15cm too short. However, I rent so that is out of the question. I'm not installing a new bathtub I may use once a month in a rental. It's too difficult to take with me when I leave.

corner before.jpg

This corner looks particularly bad. My guess is teh bathtub settled or moved for some reason. The apartment is around 15 years old, so maybe it was just time. I doubt the job has ever been done before.


I asked my landlord to take care of it and he said, 'hell no'. I asked the apartment manager and he said, 'hell no'. If I wanted it done, it was up to me. I had some of the tools, but I didn't have the caulk or the caulking gun or the caulk remover (first picture bottom right). The tools were about 6$ and the caulk was 2$. The caulk remover isn't necessary, but it is well worth it. It will save you time.

during caulking.jpg

Removing the caulk is easy. You can't really screw up unless you scrach your tub. I don't care because this tub is already scratched and damaged. I scrabed it with the scraper, then got ride of some extra with the razer blade. After I scraped it with steel wool, swept it and cleaned it with alcohol. I don't do things half-assed.

In this picture, you may also notice there is a drain along the floor, there is also a drain under the tub which is why no one cares if the water leaks around the tub, it won't sit there (it's nasty underneath, but no serious issues).

corner after.jpg

Here is that corner after caulking (I caulked Saturday and today is Monday). It should be dry now. I've scraped away some of the extra stuff. However, it looks so much better, I don't really care. Besides, I think some will wash away the next time someone uses this bathroom for showering (we have a way better shower place).

after caulking.jpg

And here is what the entire tub looks like finished. I could have used half an extra tube, but I'm just worried about astetics, besides if there is a problem, I'll get more later. It looks 10X better.

Actually, those spots you see are permanent features. I did mention I need a new tub. All in all, it was an easy job. It's been like 72 hours and you only need 24 to 48 for most caulk in practically any normal room setting, so it's a job well done.

sapporo set.jpg

Time for some beer. My wife was so happy I did this job that she bought me a beer set. I get a nice Sapporo glass and 4 X 500mL cans. Sapporo is decent and I'm happy to drink it.

There isn't much to say about this beer. It's somewhere between Budweiser and Heineken on the taste scale. Kinda boring, but I like the design and the simple taste. It's a working-class beer from East Asia and I am a working-class guy living in East Asia.

sapporo beer.jpg

My boycott of Japanese beer is officially over. I poured a glass just in time to have a nice #BeerSaturday. It is a 400mL glass, but that's not a serious issue, it fits in the case and looks nice. Pictured behind it is some strange plant, some mint, and the sweet potato that I'm trying to grow (I'll talk about that in a few weeks).

You can do caulking yourself in a simple #diy project. Don't be afraid and Cheers!

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Beer well deserved.

Thanks! These ones taste the best.

I need to grind the old paint off of a fence and a few pillars around the car port and the front terrace, chisel off a few bad parts, use wood filler to replace them, treat the whole thing with wood preservatives again and repaint it all next summer. It just has to be done next summer. The need to do so is a result of aging as well as the long damp fall and the so far warm winter.

I like working with wood. I actually miss living in a house I own. I get soft in an apartment. Jobs are either simple or not my responsibility.

Fresh caulk lines are small, but make a big difference Aesthetically. I would just want to make sure that you haven’t had any water penetration they could cause wood rot or mold. These are typically not seen that can cause major issues of not taken care of.

I think the job is find, but the gaps were large and some sank down so water may pool. I don't expect it to last long, but if I have to buy a new tube and do touch ups or add in problem spots next year, I don't mind. It's a rental and worrying too much about rot isn't my concern.

Very true sucks for the rental if there damage.

Sucks even more for the people below.

Shit rolls downhill so does water lol

A good job needs a good !BEER - when it is done / and sometimes inbetween....

Thanks. I thought it was extra nice after all that work.

Hey @abitcoinskeptic, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Euuuuwwwww.... I can only imagine what it looks like underneath... it is like when you have to move the washing machine.. only worse!

I usually have a few beers before and after drain cleaning day to make it more enjoyable.

Under the washing machine is quite the chore. At my last apartment it was in the bathroom next to the shower and they shared the same drain. Good moments cleaning that one.