League of Legends night lamp !

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Hey, there !
This lamp is one of my most complicated crafts that I make. It's dedicated to the League of Legends fans around the world ! I sold several of these, before I stop producing them, as the process of making one is really hard and time consuming.
I played the game myself, and as a fan, the idea for the lamp comes naturally.
The final part of the game was all about capturing the enemy crystal. Most importand building... aaand it's glowing ! I thought myself maybe it will came up as great lamp, and it does !
I really liked the idea, and maybe if I wasn't so eager to see it come true, I would never craft it.
The first part was to create 1 to 1 model of the base of the lamp. That was done with clay. Took me some good amount of time, before I finalized the look.
Next step was to create mold of the base, so I can cast it several times, and not make the base all over again every time I want to produce the lamp. Then I cast the base from gypsum like material. Then I paint it with acrylic and lacquered it with stone protection varnish.
Next step is instaling the LEDs and closing the base with black mirror acrylic. More complicated than it sounds 😁 I use mirror acrylic, because wanted the leds to be visible from the outside, and to reflect at the same time. I make some experiments before stopped on this variant.
The job with the crystal was the same as the base. First I make the crystal from clay. Then make the mold for it, and then I cast it from epoxy resin. I didn't have much hesitation with this step. It was CRYSTAL clear that I need to use epoxy for it. Just making it blue.
Even with the molds, I was needed at least 2 weeks of work every day, until I make one lamp !!! 🤯

Even tho I was really happy with the final result, I decided stop creating it because of the time and energy that I needed to put thru ( and 2 purposely broken lamps from the international customs, as they see the base as interesting stash to hide something maybe, don't know 🤷‍♂️)

P.s sorry I don't have pictures with the process, back then didn't even think about shoot the process, now I see it as a mistake. Just enjoy the final product ! Cheers !







looks cool

Thanks ! Glad you liked it 🙌

Very impressive, @adamkadmon555!

Thank you @hivebg ! 🔥

Great job 👍 it's one of the best DIY seen around

Thank you 🙏 ! Glad to hear it !

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