Back Ache, Drive Laying, 4 Tun Laid, One Man On A Mission.

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Yesterday I posted about the prep work that I did, you can find the link here

My drive was a right mess, and I knew I had to do something about it, I wasn't ready for the wake up call this morning but there was a loud bang on my door and my 4 tuns of road planing's where here, well two of them anyway.



The guy drove and dumped them on my drive and I was a little confused as there was so little of the stuff, I said to him is that 4 tun? it turns out by law he can only carry two tun at a time and he had to go and get the second load.

I refused to pay him until I had all the product and he went off on his way to go and get me the rest of what I wanted.

he came back and I had already started to lay the first batch down.


Now I know that a tun is a lot of weight, but I didn't realise how much work I had got myself in for, I started to shovel and rake to move it around the space that I wanted it in.

I then decided to go back another 6 feet and bring the road planing's up to my planters so that the rain and puddles didn't build up and rot them away.

It was a long 3 hours of graft but finally I had the road planing's down and it looked great.





Now I am bragging, I did this all on my own, no help so I am happy that I have done something in this scale on my own, the problem I now have is my back is killing me and my legs are like jelly.

I am considering hiring a waker plate to knock it all down and make a solid surface as it is still pretty loose, but it is only for one car and it should hold up.

I do however need to get another 2 tun as going back by another 6 feet has made the back end a little thin compared to the front, this is just choice not that I have too.

All in all this has took my 3 hours this morning to get this project to this state, all in all one man one drive way start to finish has taken me 8 hours if I was to leave it like this, and maybe another 2 hours to flat it down.

who needs builders?

Start picture


End Picture



That's looking good! Worth the work I would say.

Thanks @pennsif, feeling rough now though, lot of graft gone into it, lol can't wait for bed later

It looks so much better!! Well done you!
(I like those planters in the back too).

Thank you, it does, feeling the pain now from doing it but hay ho,
The planters I made from pallet wood last year, one is 8 foot and the other is 7 foot long. they were a challenge to make as I had to do them with no instructions just my head to direct me in the direction I wanted to go.
I filled them with petunias last year in the one on the right and the one on the left was lavender, it smelled amazing.
Think of this year using a creeping plant in both sides, something with small flowers that the bees will like, don't know what yet but there will be something

Oh my.. I can imagine the petunias!
The bees definitely will love lavender again. You can do some mix.. add different blooming flowers. Pansies would look lovely, but they are not very big.
Maybe some sage and mint too. They are useful and will bloom as well.

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After the backache fades, it will have been worth it