How to Restore furniture Part 2

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Hallo Fellow Steemians,

Today I put in a crap ton of work on different pieces of furniture.

I painted a lot of pieces with cream on the outside, and left the drawers their original color.

I'm telling ya, people love this shit!

It's crazy.

I found this piece on the side of the road, and I finished the outside with some cream oops paint from Home Depot, then just gave the front drawers a little spit shine, and it turned out super well. I love MCM stuff!

I am super proud of this bench because I built it myself from some scrap wood I found! Then I stained it with a dark Jacobean Brown!

Ok now this one I think I found a really clever fix for!

When I found it, it was black, and since it is made from pressed board, it had some water damage and slight bubbling at the surface of the top of the table. Originally, I planned to scrape the bubbling off and then just paint over it, but I once I painted it, and did some re-scraping, I realized that I actually really liked the chippy way that it turned out, so I left it! What once was a water damaged black table destined for the trash, is now a super cute piece ready to sell!!

Last but not least is this little white desk. When I found it, it was in pretty rough shape. I think I am still going to try an interesting patina on it, because I think it looks a little plain, but it is cute as-is too, and I can't charge too much if I end up putting a whole lot more work into it!

I worked on a few other pieces today that I am hoping I will finish and be able to put up by tomorrow.

I hope you all had a really nice Valentine's Day.

I have been taking care of sick kids and a sick hubby, so pizza night in it was last night!

It was still fun though, I love spending time with my kiddos.

Thanks for stopping by!

xx - Beth

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Good Stuff! Your right...people love this shit! I have a couple friends who like to do this stuff and they are always making some loot out in the garage. Keep it up fo sho with the DIY posts. can use the "Build-It" tag and earn build coin as well as steem for these types of posts.

Thanks for the head's up!