Restoring Furniture Part 3

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Happy Sunday!

While my other friends in the states are buried in snow, I am enjoying a lovely 72 degree morning.

It is perfect weather for my kind of work, and I am loving it!

(That is, until we start really heating up here, but I am enjoying the niceness while I can!)

Today I am preparing pieces for my first ever Thieves Market.

It is basically a giant gathering of sellers that are peddling their various wares.

Not sure why it's called Thieves Market, but hopefully I can "steal" some good sales. Whew.

Anyway, I made these little guys and I could not be prouder of them.

I started with some red scrap wood for the bases, that was originally small pieces of barn wood.

Then I had chippy white fence posts.

I measured those down to 14 in and cut them down to fit on the tops of the bench bottoms I made.

I drilled each board into the bench bottoms, and left them as-is for a chippy/farmhouse look.

This was the end product:

There is nothing quite like the feeling of holding a circular saw and making something from scratch. It is quite like baking cookies from scratch actually. The quality is always superior to that of store-bought!

I found these two farmhouse chairs, ready to be discarded in the trash, and I sanded them down to their original bare-wood. I was originally considering staining them, but I really quite loved the neutral lightness of their look once I had stripped them down. I really think staining them would have ruined them!

The last piece I worked on was totally wobbly and loose when I found it which is probably why someone trashed it.


I can't tell you how many people throw something away because they don't own a simple drill just to fix something like a wobbly table leg!!

There is so much waste! It's crazy.

This piece was super cool, but the stain was faded and I didn't think it would look as good with its original color, so I painted it a nice grey, and boom! a new cool table.

I am really hoping my stuff does well at Thieves Market. I will keep you updated!

I am also super excited about the Tron merger and can tell Steemit is going places!

I couldn't be happier!

Thanks for stopping by!

xx - Beth

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You are right, people throw out things all the time when a screwdriver, drill, or hammer could fix. If all the projects on my "honey-do" list would go away, I might be able to do something fun like this.

Not sure where you are now, but I believe "thieves market" is an old phrase used by colonials for street vendor markets in their colonies. Mostly because the goods being sold were sometimes stolen...from the colonials :-)

That's awesome! Good to know!
I do the honey-do list around my house as well, what I do with furniture is actually my full time job!

I actually just got done stuccoing and painting my entire house. Needless to say, I have a stronger forearm than a teenager with a new internet connection. ;)