DIY CURATION: 13 March 2020 - 20 March 2020

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- diy: building -

@goldenoakfarmA Bit More Done on Floors - March 15, 2020 @goldenoakfarm@tibfox

- diy: cooking -

@fmbs25A Witch in the Kitchen: Delicious and Easy Greek Yogurt to Strengthen Our Immune System // Una Bruja en la Cocina: Delicioso y Fácil Yogurt Griego Para Fortalecer Nuestro Sistema Inmune [EN][ES]@hafizullah
@daysiselenaRice with chicken // Step by step@hafizullah
@anggreklestariCorn Becomes a Drink??? Cheers and Waiting for the HIVE!@hafizullah
@anggreklestariSelf-quarantine and Breakfast With Muesli@priyanarc
@yiobri[ESP-ENG] ¡Frijoles Blancos, Guisados con Vegetales! / White Beans, Stews With Vegetables!@hafizullah
@ramengirlHow to make Tofu Kimch@tibfox
@anggreklestariFood Mood: Glutinous Rice and Corn Porridge with Coconut Milk (An Original Recipe)@hafizullah
@yousafharoonkhanI'm chef :My Delicious Chicken Pulao Recipe..@priyanarc
@hafizullahTraditional Bhapa Pitha Recipe || ভাপা পিঠা রেসিপি @priyanarc
@yiobri[ESP-ENG] ¡Arroz con Vegetales! / Rice with Vegetables!@hafizullah
@brittandjosieMY BEST BUY EVER ~ s o u p m a k e r b y P h i l i p s@rehan12
@mcfsHow to Make Vegetable Rice | Quick & Easy Vegetable Rice Restaurant Style | ZOOBIA FAROOQ@tibfox
@crypticatBeef and Cabbage Stew; Cooking with Crypticat@rehan12
@lotusfleurVegan Ice Cream with fruits (ENG/ PT/ DE)@priyanarc
@nathyortizHot dogs// Recipe elaboration Step by step.@hafizullah
@priyanarcMidnight Craving || Easy Instant Noodles recipe For midnight craving...@hafizullah
@bloggisterReceta para quesillo / Recipe for quesillo@hafizullah

- diy: crafting -

@nurseanne84Some Trivial Thing@tibfox
@freedompointTreat Yo Self Sheath Build 3/15/20@tibfox
@grecki-bazar-ewyDrugie życie opakowań szklanych (1) - konkurs @pl-rekodzielo.@tibfox
@rem-steemMy Unevenly done DIY Mobile Back Cover! (Step by Step)@priyanarc

- diy: homesteading -

@bowentroyer2 Minutes with the Farmer: Moving Cows to Green Pastures!!!@priyanarc
@thecitysteadGrowing Your Own Food Doesn't Seem Crazy Now@rehan12

- diy: needlework -

@monica-eneMaking a classy Dress from my African print Ankara Fabric @priyanarc
@tahiaarqUpcycled pair of pants... Pantalones Upcycled @tibfox
@romeskieCrochet Headset Protector@rehan12
@romeskieHalf Spiral Two-colored Crochet Earrings@rehan12

- diy: technology -

@diggndeeper.comBack from the Open Source Ecology Hackathon@tibfox
@codemyDelete Frame Children Widgets - Python Tkinter GUI Tutorial #50@tibfox

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