NATURE CURATION: 16 March 2020 - 23 March 2020

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Every two days we are posting a theme related newsletter with highlights of the last week.

MondayNature / Health
SundayDo It Yourself

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- nature: gardening -

@gingbabidaDay 3: Lockdown@tibfox
@romanolsamuelsSticking to what I know during these trying times@tibfox
@artonmysleeveFree Cherry Laurel Bushes When You Do It Your Self@rehan12

- nature: health -

@anggreklestariMy Weekly Hair Care Routine with Aloe Vera and Urang-Aring Leaves@tibfox

- nature: travel -

@juancar347Discovering Liébana: the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana@hafizullah
@tobetadaVisiting Kish Island in Iran - Glass Bottom Ship Tour!@hafizullah
@slobberchopsA Tale of Two Priories@priyanarc
@for91daysThe Hike from Afur to Taganana@hafizullah

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Have a witness !BEER

Nice job, I'm glad there's plenty of content for you to find out there.

I see you're still curating on Steem. Do you plan to do so on Hive as well?