Applying Knife Scales and Throwing Knives!!

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So today was alot of fun in my latest knife build. I actually stress tested this blade by throwing it!

Typically when I heat treat a knife I stress test it to make sure that the science is right. I want to make sure that the blade is hard enough to be tough and rigid, and then tempered enough so that it can still be sharpened. I clean the knife up and then test it. I put a piece of wood in the vise and then beat the crap out of it. I use the knife to chop notches out of the wood, and even stab the and twist the knife to test the tip.

Through stress testing the knife, I decide if it can go on to the next step. Today was a bit different. When the guy placed the order, he laughed and said "to be honest, I would also like to throw it at some trees". I couldn't help but laugh. I have never had anyone just say that they wanted to throw it at some trees.

The design of the knife is made for that. I shaped the handle so that it is very comfortable, and it will leave the hand easily. I also made the bevel so that it narrowed down toward the tip. That way there could be some more stability and not so vulnerable. I also made sure that the handle had plenty of holes. That will still retain structural integrity, and it will reduce the weight in the back. So when it is dropped or thrown it will want to go blade first.

Today, I shaped the scales and got them all glued onto the blade. I finished the end so that it would be curved and smooth.


This should be a really good looking blade. I really like the green and black layered G10. It should have a nice pattern when it is all finished.

Stay tuned for the finished product.

Be well
~The Yeti

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Throwing knives is so much fun. I got quite good at it until my parents caught me as a kid and I copped (received) a belting and had my weapons confiscated, never to be seen again. I adapted and overcame though...I was a inventive 10 year old.

Hahaha thats amazing!

Lol...I was a good kid, but inquisitive. It got me in trouble a lot, but I survived somehow.

Hi @freedompoint, hope to see you on hive :)

Hey! Thank you. I appreciate it, but I'll be here building Steem up!

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational post!

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